Leading Analyst Identifies 10 Altcoins to Buy During this Market Dip
Leading Analyst Identifies 10 Altcoins to Buy During this Market Dip
Admin 04 Apr, 2024

Amid the recent market price correction, well-known Bitcoin analyst Michaël van de Poppe took to X to highlight ten altcoins he believes are worth investing in at current bargain prices. According to him, money is made during red markets with prevailing negative sentiments rather than when the market is pumped.

Poppe first emphasized that the altcoin market capitalization has yet to see a significant correction on a broader scope. In particular, the analyst noted that altcoin’s valuation in relation to Bitcoin is in a consolidation phase coupled with a notable peak in BTC dominance.

Based on the observation, he asserted that many altcoins are heavily undervalued. Accordingly, he expressed that the recent dip offers traders a buying opportunity.

Among the top picks is Chainlink (LINK), which, despite experiencing a decline in USD valuations, has exhibited resilience in its Bitcoin pairs. The analyst pointed out that LINK has crashed 40% from a recent peak, offering a “massive opportunity to step into it.”

Poppe’s second top pick was Celestia (TIA), a relatively new project in the space. Similarly, TIA is down 61% from its recent peak, which, according to the analyst, is a giant investment opportunity for interested individuals.

Furthermore, Poppe cited potentials in Arbitrum (ARB) despite observed selling pressure from a recent token unlock event. The analyst characterized Arbitrum as a robust layer-two roll-up system that has emerged as one of the best performers of this cycle. Like TIA, ARB trades around 61% below its recent peak.

Moreover, Poppe spotlighted established players like Polkadot (DOT), dYdX (DYDX), and Cosmos (ATOM), recognizing their potential to thrive amid the ongoing correction.
In addition to established projects, he identified promising newcomers like SEI, WooNetwork (WOO), Skale Network (SKL), and Covalent (CQT) as noteworthy contenders.