Top 3 Small-Cap Coins That Can Explode Even If Bitcoin Falls Post-Halving
Top 3 Small-Cap Coins That Can Explode Even If Bitcoin Falls Post-Halving
Admin 16 Apr, 2024

As the fourth Bitcoin (BTC) halving gets closer, there are speculations that the price of the cryptocurrency will undergo a correction after the event. At the same time, many analysts predict that Bitcoin’s price decrease might open the floor for a solid altcoin season.

Historically, this has almost always been the case. For example, the price of BTC collapsed days after the 2016 halving. In 2020, it was a similar case. On both occasions, the value of altcoins, especially those with low market cap, surged to incredible levels.

This cycle of history might repeat itself, and Coin Edition has identified three solid low-cap coins that might blow up and hit higher value post-halving. In this article, you will learn about the three projects and why traders might need to keep an eye on them.

As of this writing, CHO has shown that it was ready to defy all odds and rally to the parabolic heights. At press time, the price of CHO is hovering above $0.096, up by 12.6% in the last 24 hours.

Furthermore, CHO outperformed BTC as its 30-day performance was a 202.47% increase. As it stands, the token’s resilience to the recent market fluctuations might offer an opportunity to buy an asset that could soar even if the upcoming halving puts negative pressure on crypto prices.

However, there were reasons why the token beat BTC at its own game. One of them is’s revamp of its strategic focus and prioritization. According to an in-depth assessment of the website, the company was undergoing a revolutionary upgrade that would see it pivot to a highly promising B2B niche.