Supra Completes Over $24m in Early Stage Funding to Date
Supra Completes Over $24m in Early Stage Funding to Date
Admin 05 Oct, 2023

PRESS RELEASE. Miami, Florida, 28th September 2023, Chainwire.

  • Supra has raised over $24m in private investment rounds.
  • Supra has received investment from several multi-billion dollar prominent VCs including: Animoca, Coinbase Ventures, HashKey, Prosus Ventures, Razer, United Overseas Bank Venture Management, Valor Equity Partners, among many more.
  • Supra is developing an innovative cross-chain oracle and “bridgeless” communication network that aims to achieve sub-2 second finality with security guarantees that are projected to be over 10x more secure than incumbent bridges using their bespoke consensus algorithm, “Moonshot Consensus.”

Supra is helping to facilitate the massive migration of Web2 to Web3 by turbo-charging oracles, cross-chain communication protocols, and their cutting-edge consensus mechanism to build a more secure and interoperable future. There are already over 1.5 million cryptocurrency data pairs being updated daily using Supra’s next-gen oracle technology.

Over $24m in private investment funding has been accepted from strategic partnerships that recognize Supra’s game-changing R&D at the cutting edge of the Web3 stack. With several whitepapers spanning 150+ pages in peer-academic review, Supra’s team of PhDs has been making significant contributions to the body of academic work in secure multi-party computation, decentralized consensus, and blockchain oracles. Leading the way is Dr. Aniket Kate, known best for his work on KZG Polynomial Commitments that underpin Ethereum’s L2 scaling roadmap, Supra’s innovations are quickly becoming the new standard for state-of-the-art for oracle protocols.