There are now nearly 40M Bitcoin addresses in profit — A new record
There are now nearly 40M Bitcoin addresses in profit — A new record
Admin 31 Oct, 2023

80% of Bitcoin addresses are “in the black” at $34,000, while BTC’s price still trades 50% below its own all-time highs.

$34,000 BTC price returns over 80% of Bitcoin addresses to profit

Bitcoin may be nearing 18-month highs, but its recent gains were already enough to spark significant changes in investor profitability.

Per Glassnode data, the number of addresses in profit as of Oct. 30 was 39.1 million.

This is the highest number ever recorded for Bitcoin and beats the previous peak of 38.1 million seen in November 2021.

At that time, BTC/USD itself traded at all-time highs, and thus 100% of addresses in existence with a non-zero balance were in profit.

While the current spot price remains 50% lower than those levels, total non-zero addresses now number 48.3 million.

In percentage terms, in-profit addresses have yet to match their performance in absolute numbers but are nevertheless at 18-month highs of 81.1%.

The tally has gone from 60% to 80% over the past two months, Glassnode additionally shows.

By contrast, addresses at a loss currently stand at just over 9 million. At their peak in December 2022, following the FTX meltdown, the total was over 20 million.

This, in turn, sparked profit-taking at the more speculative end of the hodler spectrum — especially as the market passed $34,000.