What Is Kingy GM bot ($KINGY) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR
What Is Kingy GM bot ($KINGY) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR
Admin 18 Apr, 2024

Now many projects are creating their own applications in Telegram. This makes it easier to attract users and it seems that the TON ecosystem could take off this year.

As part of The Open League of The TON ecosystem (don't miss it), Telegram has a new mining application: Kingy GM bot ($KINGY). The KINGY token is part of the Investkingyru ecosystem based on the Open Network blockchain. All the magic in KINGY Bot happens right in the TON blockchain and the tokens instantly get automatically into your wallet. It's like a Trojan kangaroo.

The goal of the project is to combine entertainment with financial incentives, attracting gamers and fans of cryptocurrencies. The mining mechanics are about the same as in HOT and other similar projects. Since the application has just been launched and there is now a huge influx of users, glitches happen at the very beginning, keep this in mind.

We all remember the Notcoin clicker game and what happened to it: it became so popular that the creators decided to list the $NOT token. In our current case, the $KINGY token has already been listed on some exchanges. Does this guarantee that the project is not a scam? Let's figure it out.

As we can see, Kingy has an account on X, a Telegram channel, as well as a Telegram bot.
The account has 8,5 thousand subscribers and quite a lot of posts. The activity on the page is quite normal — an average of 100 likes, 50 comments and 50 reposts. On this page you can follow the updates, news and discussions of the community. But at the same time, it looks like someone's personal.